O SIMONE



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 patternSS14 OSIMONEr

 logo osimone 25 28 ,heteronym for a mental character which expresses its authenticity through creating design solutions (toys).

Design project of a MSc degree at Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa. O SIMONE took part at International Fashion Showcase - London Fashion Week AW14; at DEMO 2013 fashion show, a joint action between Faculdade de Arquitetura and MUDE, Museum of Design and Fashion of Lisbon; and FASHION FIVE 2013 fashion show in Porto. It integrates Portugal Fashion - Bloom since October 2013.

The universe of O SIMONE is based on a demand that does not exist, another's perspective of Fashion and clothing. It should allow the consumer of portuguese product to occupie a place that is increasingly yours. A progressive design exercise about authenticity and innovation while the designer has fun doing what he embraces the most.